“It is my way of giving back to the family of Far Eastern University Peers. They were my motivation to win.”

Said Roan Isaac Hemor as he extended his gratitude to his Tamaraw family for being this year’s grand champion of Peers Got Talent 2023 hosted by Trinity University of Asia in partnership with Peer Organization of the Philippines.As a member of the FEU Peers, Hemor truly felt the organization’s contribution to offer unwavering care and relentless reassurance in boosting his confidence and helping him utilize his platform to advocate for mental health.

“From my Idol Philippines to The Clash journey and up to this day, I really feel the support of FEU in my singing career especially Sir Herwin Cabasal and the Department of Communication. I would also like to thank the FEU Peers, especially Tatay Dan Talusan for the encouragement they gave and lifting my spirit during the competition,” said Hemor.

Behind a person’s success is a team cheering—a safety net that a family brings to the table. For Hemor, he found this in the “happy halls” of FEU. Aside from the institute he belongs to, he has found friends who will stand by him in difficult times, such as the organization he is a part of.

“I am much fulfilled and happy that I was able to get the championship for FEU Peers,” said Hemor.

Given the unconditional love he felt from these people, it is with a grateful and satisfied heart that he received the award. Truly, being surrounded by promising people gives a positive impact to one’s performance.

Being a college student is not easy and finding the right community is crucial to having an enjoyable and pleasant journey. In highs and lows, it is vital to have a constant. With this, the university aims to be a place where students find a comrade to share life with, as part of quality education.