Far Eastern University extended its winning run in the YMCA National Congress of College Students after bagging the Outstanding Delegation Award in the 45th edition of the event last Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 at the Teachers’ Camp in Baguio City.

FEU Manila has now won the award for a record 22 straight years and this year it bested 38 participating colleges and universities across the Philippines.  

This year’s theme is “baYan1han: Young People of Today, Champions of Change.”

FEU student Kristine Gail Marquez claimed the most coveted position after being elected as the Speaker of the House. For the first time as well, five Tamaraws were elected as cluster chairpersons, claiming all five clusters. Additionally, all five resolutions passed on the cluster level and deliberated in the plenary were all authored by FEU delegates. 

Out of 428 delegates, 12 FEU students were voted as their commission’s Best Delegates, while eight of them were awarded as Outstanding Delegates.

Outstanding Awards

AwardRecipientInstituteOrganization Affiliated (Funding)
Outstanding Delegation (22nd Year)FEU-ManilaN/AN/A
Outstanding DelegateKristine Gail MarquezIASFEUCSO
Outstanding DelegateCy Christianne Dela PazITHMITHM SC
Outstanding DelegateSebastian Matthew SantosIASIAS SC
Outstanding DelegatePaul Carlos TagayonIASIAS SC
Outstanding DelegateLeesander Huey PacardoITHMITHM SC
Outstanding DelegateJann Matt MacuhaIASFEUCSO
Outstanding DelegatePaul Christian ReyesIASFEUCSO
Outstanding DelegateJoriz Arl LorenzoIASIAS SC
Outstanding DelegateAngelica ObbaniaIABFCYC
Best Delegate, Commission 2Cy Christianne Dela PazITHMITHM SC
Best Delegate, Commission 4Sebastian Matthew SantosIASIAS SC
Best Delegate, Commission 5Paul Carlos TagayonIASIAS SC
Best Delegate, Commission 6Leesander Huey PacardoITHMITHM SC
Best Delegate, Commission 7Christina EjeIHSNIHSN SC
Best Delegate, Commission 8Julianne RosalIASCYC
Best Delegate, Commission 9Patricia May LuansingIASFEUCSO
Best Delegate, Commission 10Jann Matt MacuhaIASFEUCSO
Best Delegate, Commission 11Paul Christian ReyesIASFEUCSO
Best Delegate, Commission 15Joriz Arl LorenzoIASIAS SC
Best Delegate, Commission 16Jasper CalaraIASIAS SC
Best Delegate, Commission 20Angelica ObbaniaIABFCYC


TitleRecipientInstituteOrganization Affiliated
Speaker of the HouseKristine Gail MarquezIASFEUCSO
Cluster 1 ChairJoriz Arl LorenzoIASIAS SC
Cluster 2 ChairLeandro GumaposIASFEUCSO
Cluster 3 ChairLeesander Huey PacardoIASITHM SC
Cluster 4 ChairSebastian Matthew SantosIASIAS SC
Cluster 5 ChairPaul Carlos TagayonIASIAS SC
Cluster 2 Co-ChairJasper CalaraIASIAS SC
Cluster 5 Co-ChairCy Christianne Dela PazITHMITHM SC
Commission 2 ChairCy Christianne Dela PazITHMITHM SC
Commission 5 ChairPaul Carlos TagayonIASIAS SC
Commission 6 ChairLeesander Huey PacardoIASITHM SC
Commission 8 Chair Julianne RosalIASCYC
Commission 9 ChairPatricia May LuansingIAS FEUCSO
Commission 14 ChairDaynekyre Jesus ConsultaIABFCYC
Commission 19 ChairLawrence CunananIHSNIHSN SC
Commission 20 ChairAngelica Isabella ObbaniaIABFCYC
Commission 1 Co-ChairLeandro GumaposIASFEUCSO
Commission 7 Co-ChairChristina EjeIHSNIHSN SC
Commission 13 Co-ChairHans Gabriel EmpleoIASFEUCSO
Commission 15 Co-ChairJoriz Arl LorenzoIASIAS SC
Commission 17 Co-ChairClofaye AbadIASIAS SC
Commission 4 RapporteurSebastian Matthew SantosIASIAS SC
Commission 12 RapporteurUllysis AlburoIHSN IHSN SC
Commission 16 RapporteurJasper CalaraIAS IAS SC
Cluster 1, Resolution AuthorJoriz Arl LorenzoIASIAS SC
Cluster 2, Resolution AuthorLeandro GumaposIASFEUCSO
Cluster 3, Resolution AuthorLeesander Huey PacardoITHMITHM SC
Cluster 4, Resolution AuthorLawrence Cunanan IHSNIHSN SC
Cluster 5, Resolution AuthorPaul Carlos TagayonIAS IAS SC

Competition Participants

CompetitionNameInstituteOrganization Affiliated 
On-The-Spot Drawing ContestCelestino Don PeraltaIASIAS SC
Spoken PoetryPatricia May LuansingIASFEUCSO
Extemporaneous SpeechClofaye AbadIASIAS SC
Dagliang Pagsulat ng SanaysayJann Matt MacuhaIAS FEUCSO
Essay WritingPaul Christian ReyesIAS FEUCSO

Working Committee

Core Team (CYC)

RoleNameInstituteOrganization Affiliated
Overall Head, ProponentJulianne RosalIASCYC
AdviserMx. Ameerah MilanoN/ACYC
Co-Head, Head Delegate, Co-ProponentKristine Gail MarquezIASFEUCSO
Marketing Head, Co-ProponentJasper CalaraIASIAS SC
Order & Peace and Logistics Head, Co-ProponentDaynekyre ConsultaIABFCYC
Creatives Head, Competition Committee HeadReymar CoponIASCYC
FEU Congress Patrol Team HeadArianna BaltanIASCYC

FEU Congress Patrol Team

RoleNameInstituteOrganization Affiliated
FEU Congress Patrol Team – HeadArianna BaltanIASCYC
FEU Congress Patrol TeamAlec FernanIASIAS SC
FEU Congress Patrol TeamSebastian Matthew SantosIASIAS SC
FEU Congress Patrol TeamLeesander Huey PacardoITHMITHM SC
FEU Congress Patrol TeamLawrence Cunanan IHSNIHSN SC
FEU Congress Patrol TeamCy Christianne Dela PazITHMITHM SC
FEU Congress Patrol TeamJames Ron EsturasIHSNIHSN SC

Order & Peace and Logistics 

RoleNameInstituteOrganization Affiliated
Order & Peace and Logistics HeadDaynekyre ConsultaIABFCYC
Order & Peace and Logistics Co-HeadPaul Christian ReyesIASFEUCSO
Order & Peace and Logistics CommitteeHans EmpleoIASFEUCSO
Order & Peace and Logistics CommitteeLawrence CunananIHSNIHSN SC
Order & Peace and Logistics CommitteeAngelica ObbaniaIABFCYC

Creatives and Marketing (PR Team)

RoleNameInstituteOrganization Affiliated
Creatives HeadReymar CoponIASCYC
Marketing HeadJasper CalaraIASIAS SC
Marketing CommitteeLawrence CunananIHSNIHSN SC

Student Nurses

RoleNameInstituteOrganization Affiliated
Student Nurse – HeadChristina EjeIHSNIHSN SC
Student NurseUllysis AlburoIHSNIHSN SC
Student NurseJames Ron EsturasIHSNIHSN SC
Student NurseAlessandra CuzzamuIHSNIHSN SC