HSM1107 Section 1 (Ms. Marichu Liwanag). Photo by ITHM

The Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA), recently hosted by the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) at Far Eastern University (FEU), marks a pivotal academic undertaking in hospitality education in the Philippines. From March 18 to 22, the program attracted attention for its comprehensive curriculum tailored for hotel industry professionals.

This certification, developed by CoStar STR, formerly known as Smith Travel Research, explores essential topics such as the foundations of the hotel industry, fundamental hotel math, property-level benchmarking, and the interpretation of industry performance data and reports. Recognized by prestigious organizations like American Hotel and Lodging Association, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals, International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education, Institute of Hospitality, and Pacific Asia Travel Association, the CHIA certification serves as a valuable credential for general managers, revenue managers, sales managers, and corporate staff in the hotel sector.

The recent session of the CHIA certification was an exceptional event because it was spearheaded by ITHM, making it the first undergraduate Hotel and Restaurant Management program in the Philippines to offer such international certification and due to its impressive outcomes.

HSM1107 Section 2 (Ms. Marichu Liwanag) Photo by ITHM

Under the leadership of HRM department chair Jan Racky Masa and, spearheaded by Dr. Ryan Joseph Calinao, a CHIA authorized instructor, and supported by other authorized instructors including Dr. Anna Pamela Jonson and Marichu Liwanag, the program witnessed a remarkable achievement. The batch of participants, consisting of 168 third year HRM students enrolled in the Applied Business Tools and Technology course, achieved a 100% pass rate; there were also two students who got 100% in the said certification exam. This accomplishment stands out both nationally and internationally, highlighting the quality of the program and the dedication of the students and instructors alike.

This achievement underscores the quality of the CHIA certification program and highlights the role of FEU and ITHM in elevating hospitality education in the country. The success of this initiative reflects the rigorous training and the comprehensive understanding of the hotel industry that the program imparts to its participants. As the students move forward in their careers, the CHIA certification will undoubtedly serve as a key differentiator in a competitive industry, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in various managerial roles within the hospitality sector.

HSM1107 Section 3 (Dr. Anna Pamela Jonson). Photo by ITHM
HSM1107 Section 5 (Dr. Ryan Joseph Calinao). Photo by ITHM
HSM1107 Section 6 (Dr. Ryan Joseph Calinao) Photo by ITHM