After passing a rigorous paper and interview screening, the ASEAN-Korea Centre selected Hazel Baek, a student leader of the Institute of Education, as its youth ambassador especially in marine conservation. Baek completed a 10-day workshop August 1 to 4 in Busan University of Foreign Studies, Korea and on August 6 to 10 in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. She underwent training on the value of marine life and the partnership of Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states and Korea.

The ASEAN-Korea Centre is an intergovernmental organization mandated to enrich cultural and people-to-people exchanges, increase trade volume, accelerate investment flows, and envigorate tourism.

“As a future educator, my competency training should include an advocacy; that’s why I applied for this international workshop. I’d like to give more to my students and nurture them to be productive and concerned citizens of our community and our environment,” Baek said.

Hazel explains that her greatest learning experience is marine life preservation can be achieved through small acts like not throwing trash in bodies of water and reducing consumption. She also learned that friendship is more important than partnership. Though partnership can make collaboration easier, friendship attains communication and understanding despite diversity, which are crucial to a more lasting relationship.

“I believe that Hazel Baek’s international out-of-the-classroom stint aligns with Far Eastern University’s vision to be a university of choice in Asia. Her selection as a youth ambassador confirms the relevance and competitiveness of her multifaceted training as a student as a student leader,” said Joeven R. Castro, director of Student Development.

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