Café Mary Grace founder, Mary Grace Dimacali, highlights three values that paved the way for her success: grit, faith, and an eye for detail. Photo from FEU Career and Placement Office.

Mary Grace Dimacali, founder and president of renowned Café Mary Grace, was the guest speaker for the first installment of this year’s “CEOs: Convention with Executives and their Organization’s Success.”

The event was organized by FEU’s Career and Placement Office (CAPO) and was held last Feb. 26 at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Administration Building in FEU Manila.

In her talk, Dimacali narrated how Café Mary Grace grew from its humble beginnings in her own kitchen into the flourishing business it is today. Through telling her story, Ms. Dimacali was able to impart to the participants the mentality, values, and skills necessary to build—and maintain—a business.
She emphasized that one must have grit to face challenges as they come, keep faith and have compassion for the people you work with, and have an eye for detail.

“Eyeing the detail will lead you to face the problem, tearing it apart and learning from it,” said Ms. Dimacali.

“She is humble, down-to-earth, and was like a mother figure,” CAPO Coordinator, Mr. Kevin Armingol, said to describe Ms. Dimacali. He added that these characteristics translate into the “homey vibe” her cafés give off.

The event was attended by students from the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management and Institute of Education of FEU Manila, as well as students and faculty from other institutions from FEU Group of Schools such as FEU High School, FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez, FEU Roosevelt Cainta, and FEU Cavite.

On the same day, Ms. Dimacali also met with several FEU administrators headed by President Juan Miguel R. Montinola for discussions on future partnerships and engagements between the university and Café Mary Grace.