The step-ladder play-off game turned into another match of two contrasting halves.  UST dominated the first half, trouncing the Tamaraws by as much as 26 points at half-time.  We fought back fiercely in the second half to within a striking distance in the final quarter, but in the end our best was not good enough to surmount the lead they had built up.

Team captain Ken Tuffin’s heroic heaves from three-point country as well as Hubert Cani’s shots and LJ’s drives as well as our team’s determined defense brought the FEU fans to their feet as the dream refused to die.  But it was not to be, and so the quest for gold continues. 

Grateful for Courage Displayed

Thanks are in order for our graduating players: Ino Comboy, Barkley Ebona, Kimlee Bayquin, and Hubert – you played your hearts out, and you will be missed.  Godspeed in your next steps in life’s journey. 

To Patrick, thanks for playing your best despite two knee injuries; we cannot thank you enough for showing us your determination.  And, to the rest of the team, thanks for your fighting hearts and showing the world that “Davids” are never truly defeated since we never quit, never gave up, and lived up to the lineage of the brave Tamaraws. Thanks to the mainstays: Ken, LJ, Alec, Rey, Joseph, and, the rookies Royce, Xyrus, Daniel, James, JD, and Travis.

Team Embodied Be Brave Spirit

This year’s team truly embodied the be brave spirit.  We over-achieved, though nobody gave us much chance as the season opened.  Our first round was tough as we dropped five games but we recovered and delivered an outstanding performance in the second round worthy of the league’s best.  We played under the radar, as some of you put it, and we played our hearts out in practice and during game time. 

We were a flawed team, inconsistent at times even during a single game, but we learned to live with our limitations humble enough to admit them.  We were not fully focused at times, lost our concentration or our tempers, but we acknowledged our failings and pledged to our team mates to rise above our weaknesses.

Thanks to the Tamaraw Nation!

We will emerge a stronger team, with the experience we have acquired from the battles of this season and with the infusion of new blood.  We will rest and recover, reflect on how our team can play even better, and we will repay the support of our school and our fellow students with the brave brand of basketball they deserve.  To the dedicated coaching staff, hands-on and wise beyond their years – thanks.  They taught us not only the rudiments of the game, the system we learned by heart, but also helped in the formation of character.  To Coach O, we cannot thank you enough for being our coach of choice. 

Ed Garcia
7 October 2019