YOUNG PEOPLE nowadays have stumbled on the precious gift of time in the period of the pandemic.  Forced to self-isolate with parents and siblings, the youth are doing different things at the same time:  texting their friends, listening to their favorite bands, watching films they missed during the schoolyear in Netflix, switching channels on the television, Zooming with cousins and classmates, and the more serious ones, reading and studying.

Creativity Creates Opportunity

But there are others who have decided to spend their time doing more than just staying in. 

Some have volunteered to ask for donations to get foodstuff to give to different communities, some have found time to work in the offices of local government officials, while others still have exercised their creativity to make face masks or face shields for hospital workers or members of their community.

An Example that Inspires

Take the example of two siblings, 22-year old Ysabel and 20-year old Joshua Jao.  Bursting with energy, they decided to make face masks and face shields for hospital workers.  They have now so far distributed some 11,000 face shields to frontliners in the following hospitals:  Philippine General Hospital (PGH), Philippine Heart Center (PHC), National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI), the UST Hospital, Gat Andres Public Hospital and the Paulino J. Garcia Memorial Hospital and Regional Training Center in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. 

Their output has now reached thousands in what began and still is simply an endeavor that they do from the home in quarantine.

They are also contemplating making face shields for babies – so that they can send to places that might need them.  And, who knows what has taken place in the time of quarantine can be an inspiration to other young people, long after we wake up from this pandemic nightmare.

More power to the young!