“It is essential for the University, especially the students, that the administration provides quality education for lifelong learning. That is why teachers are our modern heroes. They touch our hearts, they make us grow, they give us a clear understanding of what life is all about and they prepare us for the future,” said Joshua Valencia, vice president of the Far Eastern University Central Student Organization (FEUCSO).

FEU launched the National Teachers’ Month (NTM) celebration with the theme “My Teacher, My Hero” in recognition of all the educators and their role and contribution to nation building.

Dr. Elise Mañalac, dean of the Institute of Education and NTM chairman invited everyone to take part in the line-up of activities headlined with lectures on “Happiness in Teaching,” and “Best Teaching Practices”, Social Media Ethics Advocacy, and the World Teacher’s celebration.

Dr. Maria Teresa Trinidad P. Tinio, FEU senior vice president for academic affairs, encouraged the faculty members to continue practicing the FEU core values. She says, “As educators, we want to fortify our graduates to be able to deliver quality results. We want our graduates to be able to think critically and solve problems excellently. We want to our graduates to uprightly promote fairness and equality. But even when we go home, our mission is far from over.”

In support of the University’s Aspiration 2020, Dr. Tinio also presented the academic affair’s initiatives and programs on Digital Literacy, Effective Communication, and Critical Thinking.