Far Eastern University retained its dominance by winning the Outstanding Delegation Award among 39 higher education institutions during the 41st Young Men’s Christian Association’s (YMCA) National Congress of College Students held on November 26 to 30 at Teachers Camp, Baguio City. This was FEU’s 18th consecutive win.

The award was given to FEU, led by the College Y Club (CYC), for its active participation and number of accumulated medals in various contest categories. CYC president’s Russel Batoy was elected Speaker of the House and assumed the role of facilitating the assembly that formulated and deliberated on Congress resolutions using the parliamentary procedure. The last time FEU held top position was in 2011.

Asked about his experience as Speaker of the House, Batoy said: “It was really a challenging task to lead competent student leaders from all over the country. I learned to lead naturally and from within. People will see that your leadership style is YOU. The more genuine you are, the better leader you will become.”

The Best Resolution Award was also conferred on Batoy’s cluster of commission members. He authored a campaign program for Newborn Screening in various communities in Manila in response to the Congress’ theme, “#Change: Towards Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.”

Of the 321 attendees, three awardees of the Ten Outstanding Delegates were from FEU, namely, Russel Batoy, Nathan Exevea, and Rhussell Famy.

Exevea also bagged the championship of theTuklas Talino Quiz Bee Category and garnered a runner-up trophy in Debate. Ivy Mendoza received a Special Award for singing in the Y’ers Got Talent. Jeff Are was among the Top 6 Finalists of the Extemporaneous Speaking category.

Five of the 15 commissions were chaired by Tamaraw student leaders. The elected chairpersons were Batoy, Famy, Mendoza, Patrick Juan, and Jemina Alquiza.

“We were not just a team, but a FAMILY that stood up for Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness, and this helped us retain our dominance in the Congress,” Batoy concluded.

“Our students worked very hard for this Congress and they are passionate about representing FEU. Their hard work paid off,” remarked Michael De Vera, CYC faculty adviser.