WHEN the gun battle in Marawi first broke out, 13 brave soldiers were killed. Among the heroes who died in the fight against the Maute group was the troop’s leader, 1st Lt. John Frederick Savellano.

His team was responsible for one of the most successful AFP operations in Marawi, having discovered and surrendered millions in cash from the Maute group. To honor and remember the bravery of this fallen soldier, Far Eastern University, Jeff’s alma mater, held a mass in his honor forty-days after the Marawi siege.

Jeff, fondly called “Borgy” in class, graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and passed the licensure exam in 2009. He was described as very amicable and a source of happiness of to his classmates and teachers. Professor Lorna Defino, reminisced “He had an engaging personality and a unique ability to interact with his classmates.

He displayed confidence that inspired respect and cooperation from his peers and teachers.” Borgy’s life exemplified the core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness. He endured the hardships of a soldier, dutifully accomplished his sworn oath to the country, and withstood the temptations of glory. “1st Lt. Jeff Frederick Savellano proved worthy of the uniform he wore. He is a true Tamaraw, a true hero. Our country, most especially the FEU community, will long remember his valor,” said FEU president Dr. Michael Alba.