FEU President Juan Miguel Montinola (right) and LSEG COO David Shalders (left) lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony, unveiling Asia’s First LSEG Lab. Photo by CAPO

Far Eastern University (FEU) and the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) recently launched the First LSEG Lab in Asia, marking a significant step forward in the two institutions’ long-term partnership. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was also signed, signifying their commitment to enriching educational experiences and enhancing career prospects.

Under the guidance of Dean Earl Borgonia from FEU’s Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance (IABF), along with the Career and Placement Office (CAPO), representatives from affiliate institutions of the FEU Group of schools gathered to commemorate the event and as a testament of their support and commitment to collaboration.

FEU President Juan Miguel Montinola expressed his gratitude for the partnership with LSEG, recognizing its alignment with FEU’s objectives and dedication to inclusivity and meaningful career development.

“This partnership has many aspects that hit many of our aspirational goals. The [new] portal and instruction will give the students an opportunity to really see what’s available outside,” Montinola said.
Having the first LSEG Lab in Asia reflects FEU’s commitment to providing cutting-edge resources and opportunities for students, fostering innovation and hands-on learning experiences in finance and technology.

During the event, two FEU students, who are both scholars and interns at LSEG, showcased the capabilities of the LSEG Workspace and the LSEG Lab Wall, illustrating how students can leverage these tools for real-time financial data analysis and market insights.

David Shalders, LSEG’s Chief Operating Officer, provided insights into the company’s global significance and encouraged students to explore career opportunities in financial services.

“It is important for us to be here in the Philippines. Manila is a place that produces a lot of high-quality people, who have great aspirations, who want to be part of financial services, [and] who want to learn all the time. It fits right with who we are and the LSEG culture, so I encourage [FEU] students to use all of our services that we’ve got here… because I think at some point in your life, you will need to make a financial decision which will be using our systems, processes, and data,” said Shalders.

FEU Vice President for Admissions and Financial Assistance Michelle Acomular, FEU President Juan Miguel Montinola, LSEG COO David Shalders, and LSEG Group Head of D&A Operations Murali Subrahmanyam sign the Memorandum of Agreement. Photo by CAPO

Murali Subrahmanyam, LSEG’s Group Head of Data & Analytics Operations, emphasized the partnership’s significance in integrating FEU students into the LSEG community and highlighted investments in student development.

The FEU-LSEG partnership enhances the educational and career opportunities for students. Leveraging the strengths of both institutions, this collaboration empowers students with valuable insights and real-world experiences in the financial services industry, paving the way for a brighter future for aspiring professionals in the Philippines and beyond.