Eight faculty members and academic managers of Far Eastern University (FEU) – Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance, Business Administration (IABF) presented their research findings at the International Conference on Business and Economy with the theme, “Creating, Managing, and Distributing Wealth: Leading the Innovation Challenge” . This was held in Waterfront, Lahug Cebu City and organized by University of San Carlos School of Business and Economy last February 15 to 16, 2018.

Eric Jayson V. Asuncion of FEU-Makati discussed “Social Commerce Continuance Participation Intention Among Business Administration Students of Jose Rizal University” where he shared that in today’s digital era, social commerce platforms are the new battleground for companies to offer and market their products and services. For consumers, it spelled convenience in terms of time and effort as well as the support they got from the online community as well as its members.

Maria Carmen Lapuz shared her findings in “Performance Evaluation of Mergers Using the CAMEL Parameters: The Case of Selected Banks in the Philippines” which looked into how Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas(BSP) continues to offer incentives for weaker banks to consolidate and merge to further strengthen the banking system and minimize bank closures.

Research Collaborators, Benita A, Meneses and Dr. Marietta C. Israel, in their study, “The Generational Diversity Work Values and Beliefs in the Workplace in the Philippines”, found out that the workplace today is not as simple as that of the traditional because the modern worker’s job requires decision-making, problem-solving, trouble-shooting, and managing that may require a prioritizing of options to select the best, considering the circumstances.

Ryan Christian C. Mercado, in his study, “Employee Engagement as a Strategic Tool for Improving Productivity in the Employees BPO in Cubao, Quezon City: An Analysis” established that the current challenge of the human resources department and respective business unit managers to keep their employees motivated and highly engaged. The war for talent today has become heightened, with companies willing to be creative in attracting potential candidates to be part of their organization.

Dr. Roland M. Simbre and Rhodora D. Tabal, presented their study “Impact of High-Performance Work Practices System on Human Resource Outcomes and Organizational Performance in the Philippine Government Banks”. This showed that it is increasingly apparent that one of the keys to successful organizational performance is people within the organization and the management system that harnesses their talents and capabilities. Human resources are a primary source of competitive advantage which is difficult to imitate.

Madonna Tejada’s study, “Conglomerate Strategy, Firm Efficiency and Performance: An Analysis of Southeast Asian Conglomerates” described the level of efficiency and corporate performance of companies that belong to conglomerates in Southeast Asia.