Far Eastern University and Kandama social enterprise officially launched their partnership on August 9, 2017 at FEU Manila.

The partnership aims to promote social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility both in the academe and fashion industry. It seeks to organize workshops, conduct joint research projects, exchange research materials, and engage in sustainable activities that would positively impact on struggling communities.

Kandama as a social enterprise brings together indigenous artisans, cosmopolitan designers, and master weavers to create pieces that reflect the elegance of cultural heritage and the flair of modernity while providing economic opportunities to indigenous women. It aims to preserve the tradition of handloom weaving by expanding the market for hand woven products.

FEU, known for its culture and the arts programs, supports this heritage conservation initiative. FEU student leaders will be exposed to the leadership prototype of Kandama’s founder, Victor Baguilat, Jr., as part of their training to do meaningful community projects. The partnership will also benefit FEU’s Fine Arts students enrolled in the course textile and fashion as they get to understand the process of handloom weaving and do internship with the Kandama designers.


“The partnership reminds us that innovation and collaboration are crucial to worthy causes such as cultural preservation. This is our moral obligation as concerned Filipinos and academics,” said Joeven Castro, FEU’s assistant vice president for academic services.

During the launch, the Kandama founder talked about his passion and the story of the social enterprise. On August 19, the second part of the launch will showcase the creations of the collaboration between indigenous women from Julongan village in Kiangan, Ifugao and cosmopolitan designers and fashion brands such as John Rufo, Jeff Tonog, Joco Calimlim, Ranroe, LA Sevilla, Mark Escay, Airaz, Ibarra and Nomad.