To fulfill its founder’s mission, Far Eastern University (FEU is intensifying its initiative to recruit 400 teachers over the next five years as the “FEU 400 Teachers Program” aims to provide more opportunities for further education, teaching excellence, and leadership development.

Underscoring FEU’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of educators and leaders, the program targets the following:

Higher Education: 200 teachers will receive certification training under the FEU Culture of Teaching and Service program (FEU-CTS).

Teaching Assistants: 100 teaching assistants will receive scholarships toward their master’s degree and will be placed on a Teaching and Leadership track in Higher Education. Scholarships are offered in the fields of Nursing, Letters, Communications, Psychology, Biology, Mathematics, and Education.

Basic Education Teachers: 50 licensed teachers will be placed on a Teaching and Leadership track in Basic Education.

Nursing Teachers/Clinical Instructors: 50 licensed nursing teachers or clinical instructors will be placed on a Teaching and Leadership track in Higher Education.

Central to this initiative is the FEU-CTS program, designed to immerse new teachers in the FEU teaching culture. This program comprises four 90-hour engagement sessions, equivalent to three units per session, covering the topics on student-centered pedagogies, assessment in student-centered classrooms, critical thinking and advanced communication, and research-based teaching and learning.

 “The FEU 400 Teachers Program is a testament to our commitment to education mission. By investing in our teachers’ professional development, we are not only enhancing the quality of education at FEU but also contributing to the broader educational landscape in the Philippines,” said Maria Teresa Trinidad P. Tinio, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Graduates of FEU are encouraged to apply for this program. This is seen as an opportunity to advance their career, contribute to the educational field, and be part of an institution dedicated to excellence and innovation in teaching.

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