The FEU Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management recently signed a key partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines and GreenSpace Pilipinas. The agreement will see the groups work on initiatives to create sustainability programs that will strengthen the school’s dedication to environmentally responsible food waste disposal and responsible consumption.

The ceremonial MOA signing was held on September 30, 2022 at the FEU Mini Auditorium during an event titled “Soilmate Connection: ITHM Landscape towards Sustainable Food Waste Management.” Attendees include ITHM faculty and staff, Logistics and services personnel and student Leaders.

Together, The ITHM Sustainable Food Waste Management program has set the stage for future programs and initiatives with the common goal of reducing the ever-increasing volume of food waste, as well as facilitating proper disposal, encouraging composting, promoting recycling and responsible consumption.

The project’s aim is to improve sustainable practices in the foodservice industry and at FEU, and to increase public understanding of the consequences of food waste. Achieving these objectives will require input and strong cooperation from FEU teaching staff, administration, and stakeholders.

Changing the mentality towards food is a little step that will have a huge impact on the world’s ecosystem, said FEU ITHM Dean Joy Sheelah Baraero-Era, PhD.