As a pioneer of adaptive online learning in the Philippines, Far Eastern University (FEU) has partnered with the Commission on Higher Education to resolve the ongoing challenges of small-scale high education institutions as they transition to remote learning modules.

Under the HiEd Bayanihan Training program, FEU’s training covers eight topics, including assessment capability for online teaching and technology use, design and implementation of an online program on flexible learning options, and integration of the course content into a learning management system.

In a press statement, FEU said the program aims to aid in the development of dynamic learning materials for flexible learning options, equipping teachers with the skills needed to guide and motivate students while also remotely assessing their performance.

In 2016, FEU was one of only seven HEIs in the Philippines that adopted Canvas, a premiere Learning Management System (LMS) used by Harvard, Yale and Stanford. By encouraging the use of Canvas, FEU has been able to improve its information technology, or IT, and EdTech infrastructure and conduct extensive digital training on online learning and EdTech application tools.

By pioneering in adaptive online learning, FEU said it has smoothly transitioned into the remote learning modes required by the current pandemic.

Currently, FEU offers three unique modules that enable its students to choose the learning mode that best fits their current situation, allowing them to be in charge of their own learning process.

Mixed Online Learning, Asynchronous Online Learning and Total Analogue Learning each ensure equity in access to education based on the students’ resources, capabilities and context.

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