(L-R) FEU Chair Aurelio Montinola III, FEU President Juan Miguel Montinola, PGBI EDGE Program Director Engr. Ramon Aguilos, PGBI EDGE Auditor Ar. Reymond Reteracion, and Pearl Mars of the IFC Climate Business Department

The Far Eastern University (FEU) Administration Building added another prestigious feather to its cap by receiving the Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certification, which underscores FEU’s unwavering commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible building practices.

The EDGE certification is a globally recognized green building standard and certification system applied in more than 170 countries.

This accomplishment signifies that the FEU Administration Building has efficiently designed spaces that yield significant energy and water savings while also reducing the embodied carbon in building materials. Particularly, the structure boasts of 33 percent reduction in energy consumption, a 46 percent decrease in water usage, and a substantial reduction in the embodied carbon in building materials.

“Very few schools embark on the rigorous journey to ensure their spaces are both efficient and sustainable, but we embrace this challenge wholeheartedly. We are steadfast in our commitment to sustainability and are driven by a desire to achieve our targets through the validation of third-party standards,” said FEU President Juan Miguel Montinola.

This remarkable achievement follows the recent declaration of the FEU Administration Building as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts through Museum Declaration-1-2018, along with five other buildings on the campus.

These two recognitions showcase how FEU balances heritage preservation with modernity and environmentally responsible practices, setting new standards for educational institutions.

 “We stand as a unique academic institution, harmonizing heritage, and modernity. Today, we can confidently declare that the FEU colors symbolize green for sustainable and gold for heritage,” said FEU Chair Aurelio Montinola III.