By Ron Rosales and Alyssa Delos Reyes, FEU Scholars’ Society

The FEU Scholars’ Society is holding an event entitled International Student Achiever’s Forum (ISAF) 2021, a virtual inter-school conference with the theme, “Flexible Leaders: A Collective Intelligence of Scholars towards Building a Great Foundation’,’ on April 15 and 22. The online summit will focus on shedding light on the following scholastic objectives:

  • Amplifying the voice of the youth sector
  • Forming and strengthening partnerships with different institutions
  • Upholding the value of responsibility amidst the challenges brought about by the new normal.

The event strives to give an estimated 100 student participants from different academic institutions not only in the Philippines but across the world a platform to submit solution-focused proposals that would provide transformational, sustainable, and advocacy-driven solutions to address global issues. The activity will emphasize the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which continuous to hurt global sustainability, education, partnership and leadership sectors.

FEU Scholars’ Society, as an active partner in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal initiative, takes the lead in this forum, in collaboration with the International Relations Office. The student organization believes that it is through the power of education, leadership and partnership that the world can experience a lasting impact and today’s generation can build a more-refined future.

The FEU Scholars’ Society and International Relations Office encourage Tamaraw Scholars to participate and invite other students to join as this will be of huge help and benefit not only to the FEU Community but to the entire sector of education, leadership and sustainability. The winning solution-focused proposals will be given recognition and will take part in the realization of the organization’s mission.