“By partnering with Concentrix, a leading high-value global business services group, FEU can design employment/placement seminars and training programs, conduct recruitment activities and produce research and evaluative reports on alumni and work placement.

The collaboration has already started with PLUS learning sessions and TRABAJO special recruitment activity in FEU Manila and after that, we will move on to other projects”, said FEU Alumni Relations and Placement Services Director Marcon R. Espino.

FEU President Michael M. Alba said it is important to continuously produce industry-responsive graduates and joining forces with organizations such as Concentrix will strongly support that model.

Concentrix, a multi analyst and industry awardee company with presence in 25 countries and with over 70,000 staff members, has chosen FEU as its first university partner because the Tamaraws are known for its core values of fortitude, excellence, and uprightness.