The Far Eastern University Theater Guild’s (FTG) 90th season opened by exploring the intricacies of love in Tamdula VI: Love-Oratory and the restaging of Liza Magtoto’s “Agnoia,” inspired by Eli Rueda Guieb III’s short story “Horoscope.”

First performed in FEU in 2013, “Agnoia” delves into the fateful webbing of relationships and destiny and is restaged in a more intimate setting. Witness how the themes of love and circumstance take on the characters of the Zodiac signs as the FTG marks this significant milestone in its illustrious history.

Dudz Teraña, the Artistic Director of the FTG, who is also a senior member of the Philippine Educational Theater Association,has been guiding the FTG since 2009, enhancing college experimental productions and occasionally incorporating full-length major plays that establish remarkable standards in the university theater scene.

In honor of the organization’s 90th theater season, Teraña intends the current restaging of Agnoia”” to be an intimate encapsulation of the organization’s legacy.

“The way I created it [Agnoia], it was a really big production with lots of movement. But now I want to focus more on the text…on the acting…I wanted to highlight the celebration of the organization and not the play itself, [and] the people who worked behind FEU Theater Guild all throughout the years,” said Teraña.

Step into the perplexing world of “Agnoia”, where the secrets of relationships unfold like a cosmic tapestry. Horoscopes, behaviours, responses, affairs, and fates are woven together, revealing an intricate waltz of pronoia and agnoia—lack of knowledge, ignorance.

In this captivating play, gear up for a journey of the self as it mirrors larger-than-life dilemmas of family, identity, love, and fate itself.

The cast includes: RB Pascua (IAS ‘25), Arvin Javier (IAS ‘26), and Aaron Bayani (FIT ‘25) as Taurus; Martin Falqueza (IAS ‘24) and Kirstan Orbegoso (IAS ‘26) as Gemini; Drea Achas (IAS ‘24) and Dianne Andallo (ITHM ’26) as Cancer; Arvin Javier (IAS ’26) and Aaron Bayani as Leo; Maria Mayano (IAS’26)  as Virgo; Meldy Malig (IAS’24) and Kesiah Aritao (IAS ’25) as Libra; Davewyn Macawile (IAS’25) and Jonas Cunanan (IAS ’25) as Scorpio; Adam Labador (IARFA ’26) and John Cedrick Guevarra (IABF ‘27) as Sagittarius; Brigitta Marilla (IAS ‘25) and Evonne Gutierrez (IAS ‘27) as Capricorn; Caleb Flores (IAS ‘26) and Jharelle Villalobos (IHSN ‘26)  as Aquarius; Julia Ramas (FIT ’26) and Jazzie Alejo (ITHM ’24) as Pisces; along with an additional “transitionist” character played by Lorenze Moral (IAS ‘26) and Renz Vanneze Dotillos (IAS ‘26).

None of this would be possible without the heads of the production team joined by the staff in their respective committees: Marj Uson (IAS ‘27) for Stage Management; Kirstian Samson (IAS ‘26) for Technicals; Maria Mayano for Production Design; Millicent Roxas (IAS ‘25) for Public Relations; and Aaron Bayani for Marketing.

Lastly, the production is made possible by Far Eastern University and the FEU Center for the Arts.

Catch Agnoia at 6 p.m. on February 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, March 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 16, 21, 22, and 23 at the FEU Center for the Arts Studio, Ground Floor, Engineering Building.

Tickets are priced at P200 for the FEU Community and P400 for guests.  
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