Nine students of Philippine Science High School Western Visayas Campus (PSHS-WVC) completed a 6-week intensive Science Internship Program (SIP) under the Science programs of the Far Eastern University (FEU).

“As a scholar of an establishment that advocates science, we are encouraged to undertake an 80-hour program that specializes in our chosen field with the aim of providing us an opportunity for actual research and laboratory work,” said Maxim Grace S. Sorongon.

The six-week internship introduced the students to the principles of genetics and how best it can be applied to conservation, a thrust of FEU Biology department. Apart from Biology, students were also exposed to the rudiments of Medical Technology. “This internship opened my mind to possibilities if I were to t the path of a scientist. The most important thing I learned is that being a scientist is not limited to working inside the four walls of a laboratory but observing, experiencing, enjoying and living in the outside world where answering the questions of nature awaits us”.

“Our school required us to prepare for our research subject. I am glad that I made the right decision in choosing Far Eastern University, I have always known that FEU is one of the famous universities here in the Philippines not only because of the UAAP championships, but also because reputation of its excellence in education”, shared Danielle B. Janiya.

“My expectations of FEU were exceeded. I learned the different fundamentals in various fields of science and the truths behind them that are not readily apparent. In biology, we learned how to extract the DNA of samples to correlate them, and to relate these to the different species of animals identified,” added Marcel L. Judian

FEU also exposed the scholars to partner institutions. “They gained experience, information, and understanding through visits to St. Lukes Medical Center and East Avenue Medical Center and attendance to the 2016 National Academy of Science and Technology meeting.

The PSHS-WVC interns expressed their appreciation to  Dr. Marcos Valdez, Francisco Gellecanao, Jr., Rey Thomas De la Cruz, Dr. Jose Eduardo Mamaat, Jiovanni Milañez and Martin Cruz. The nine interns were Kiana Andrea A. Florentino, Jervin Dalisay, Danielle B. Janiya, Kim Dale Dogeno, Marc Angelica Elizalde, Doreen Sorongon, Marcel L. Judian, Felix E. Suarez Jr., and Maxim Grace S. Sorongon.