“The Kongreso Piyu Assembly is designed to enhance the skills of student-leaders in the university, skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and policy development,” said Political Science Department Chair Melquiades A. Acomular Jr.

In the two-day event conducted last Nov. 8 and 28, the Kongreso Piyu Assembly organized by Far Eastern University Central Student Organization (FEUCSO), student-leaders of different academic organizations navigated the foundation of policymaking.

With the aim to champion the legislative agenda of the FEU Congress, the highest student-led legislative body in the institution, both legislative and grievances assembly took place for participants to be furnished with essential knowledge on legislative agenda as well as decision-making, and to be equipped in setting priorities and goals for their organizations.

“Chairpersons and members of the committee must be guided by their respective roles and rights while conducting their business. In so doing, fruitful and meaningful deliberations will yield positive outcomes that will redound to the benefit of their organizations,” said Acomular.

Photo courtesy of the FEU Central Student Organization

As the resource speaker, Acomular emphasized the significance of using Robert’s Rules of Order in conducting meetings within organizations. Observing these Code of Ethics is deemed crucial. Derived from Brittanica, maintaining decorum, ascertaining the will of the majority, preserving the rights of the minority, and facilitating the orderly transaction of the business of an assembly are among those he highlighted in the activity.

“Our primary duty as speakers is to bring them into the fountain of knowledge and not simply teach them what to do. Viewers discretion and appreciation of the topics discussed are vital in the learning process. Their active engagement and participation during the discussion were evident; hence, it gives hope to the speaker that the viewers gained key takeaways in the process and emerge as better individuals/student-leaders in the near future,” said Acomular.

Having the yearning to harmoniously implement projects in various groups that are of service to all, the unwavering support of the university as embodied by the faculty serves as a tool to succeed. It is with high hopes that all Tamaraw leaders apply their learning in their programs. For a stronger FEU community, stakeholders accompany each other to find the best resolutions. (Abrielle L. Bato)