Far Eastern University secured four of the Top 25 slots of MarkProf Foundation’s Marketing Leadership Bootcamp 2016. This is the highest yield of FEU since 2003.

The graduating Tamaraws were selected among applicants nationwide after a three-phase rigorous process of business simulation, interviews, and case studies.

Jonhiel Astillero (Vice President, Business-Oriented Student Society), Janvier Bastian (federation President, Philippine Junior Marketing Association), Christian Reasonda (Public Relations and communications manager, FEU Theater Guild), and Nicole Yu (Public Relations Officer, FEU Central Student Organization) will have free training on high-level marketing skills with the country’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs during the bootcamp.

Except for Reasonda who is a Communication major, all other successful applicants are Business majors.

Asked about their competitive edge during the search, Bastian said: “Being the current president of the Philippine Junior Marketing Association, the national organization composed of over 40,000 marketing students, helped me a lot to secure a slot.”

Yu credited both her academic and co-curricular exposure: “I believe that the rigorous training I received as an internal auditing student has equipped me with the proper knowledge and skill set to perform the challenges throughout the three phases. I also believe that my experience as a radio jock and newspaper journalist were honed my speaking and writing tasks.”

Theater actor Reasonda cited determination, flexibility, and “story to tell” as his assets. In his words, “I think being a jack-of-all-trades was an edge. I admit I was not the brightest nor the most talented in the bunch but I showed them that I was the most courageous and that I do not back down without giving a great fight. I also realized that skills can get you somewhere, but the ability to share one’s life and humanity gives you a head start for that elusive ‘niche’ you want to be in.”

Passion is Astillero’s strength. He stressed: “I am fallen in love with the idea of ideas, the process of sending or co-creating a message to provoke movement and instigate change in the society. I think it’s what got me here.”

“The success of our students reflects the relevance of our business curriculum which was designed by a healthy mix of academics and industry practitioners,” said Dr. Alma Dela Cruz, dean of the Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance.

“Their active engagement in student organizations has nurtured their soft skills which complemented their classroom learning and guided them in the MarkProf screening,” said Joeven R. Castro, director of Student Development.