The GE Spotlight is a masterclass simulation where esteemed FEU faculty members are given the platform and opportunity to present, share, and discuss their research and academic interests and advocacies.  Kicking off this event was Dr. Norberto Bana III and Mr. Roman Sarmiento Jr. II.

The LGBTQIA+ Stories was the first to be put on the GE Spotlight. It was presented by Dr. Norberto Bana III last March 20, 2023.  The event started with Dr. Bana presenting his published literary works related to the stories of LGBTQIA+ in the 1990s. The discussion progressed on the sharing of speaker’s experiences on different mobilization and rallies campaigning LGBTQIA+ community’s advocacy throughout the decades. Dr. Bana highlighted few points during the Question-and-Answer portion. One was the importance of family as a support system to young members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The second GE Spotlight was Sakit and Pasakit: The Epidemics amid the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, and was presented by Mr. Roman Sarmiento Jr. II, Department Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies of FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences. This talk was held last April 3, 2023. Mr. Roman started the discussion by introducing the different lenses in studying history. Likewise, the speaker highlighted that the natural environment has a great impact on shaping the narratives of history.  One of the key points of the discussion was the biological phenomena such as diseases or sakit, which were present during Japanese Occupation, that added to the struggle or the pasakit of the Filipinos during the World War.

In the coming semesters, the GE Department plans to feature more faculty members to present their research advocacies in the GE Spotlight. Through this, the Department hopes to assist in raising critical consciousness of social events that is shaping our perspectives and practices.