The General Education Department conducted a 3-day Course Reboot Workshop participated by esteemed faculty members from different Institutes and Departments of the university. The 3-day workshop aims to recalibrate the existing General Education (GE) courses by identifying the target critical thinking skill and revising the course instructional design. The workshop aims to recalibrate the GE courses which are part of the 2018 curriculum and explicitly integrate Critical Thinking, Student-Centered Learning, and Outcomes-based Education in the GE course instructional design.

The Digital Literacy, Effective Communication, and Critical Thinking (DLECCT) Courses workshop was conducted on March 15-17, 2023. The next workshop was for Blended Learning Course (BLC) Large Classes which was held last March 22-24, 2023. Then, the third workshop was for the GE Elective Courses held last April 12-14, 2023. Lastly, workshop for Citizenship and Intercultural Knowledge Courses was held on April 26-28, 2023.

Ms. Dianafe Castillo, the General Education Department Coordinator, facilitated the Day 1 with the discussion about Curriculum Mapping, Critical Thinking Constructs, and Outcomes-based Education for Teaching and Learning. It was then followed by a workshop on Skill Mapping and FEU Learning Outcomes and GE Program Learning Outcomes. The participants presented their outputs from the workshop and received feedback from the workshop facilitators and fellow participants.

On Day 2, Mr. Israel Soberano, GE Department Faculty Assistant, discussed the Teaching and Learnings Activities and Flipped Classroom. The workshop focused on the identification of suggested modules, must-reads, and other learning resources for the GE courses. Also, the participants designed a sample constructively aligned teaching-learning activities and assessment tasks.

Lastly, on the third day of the workshop, Ms. Andrea Austria, GE Department Faculty Assistant, facilitated the continuation of Course Information Booklet (CIB) writing, and followed by the synthesis of the 3-day workshop. The session was allotted to revise the feedback of the presentations after the workshops.

With this initiative, students, industry partners, and other stakeholders can be assured that the University is responding to their and to societal needs while still instilling the culture of fortitude, excellence, and uprightness among its students and graduates.