Organized by the FEU Career and Placement Office (originally shown on June 5, 2020) The COVID 19 pandemic posits us in an unprecedented situation that has dramatically changed the way we conduct our lives. The premier episode of the Career and Placement Office’s Pre-Employment Preparation (PEP) TALK discussed on how we can efficiently get by with the “New Normal” and adapt to the new work set-up. Two distinguished speakers, Sec. Karlo Nograles and Mr. Dennis Supetran provided important information that will help and guide us navigate the “New Normal” world of work.

Mr. Supetran shared how Ernst & Young as a multinational company adjusted to the new realities. He also gave tips on how to thrive in the new work set-up and also how to prepare your own workspace at home since this set-up is most likely to be part of the new normal. Secretary Karlo Nograles gave insights on the policies implemented by the government in so far as the new normal in the work world is concerned.

He also gave comprehensive information on how various industries will fair during this pandemic. While he acknowledged that there may be certain constraints in certain industries such as the tourism sector, the Secretary also spoke about the opportunities that are still open and in place for young graduates. He noted that going back to normal may take a while and this could only be achieved once a vaccine is developed and is accessible to all. Watch the video and be informed as this will surely help us prepare and adjust in the “New Normal” world of work!