Admission and Enrollment

Cross Enrollee



A simultaneous enrollment with more than one university; provided that the course/s planned to enroll is accredited in the academic program of the student offered by the university, a permission from the Dean or Registrar of the Home School shall be secured.

Application Procedure:

  1. Applicant must secure an endorsement form at the Admissions office.
  2. The Program Head/Assistant Program head of the department concerned will indicate on the endorsement form if the course/s to be taken is offered.
  3. Secure a cross enrollment permit from your Home School’s Registrar or Dean.
  4. Submit endorsement form with cross enroll permit at the FEU Registrar’s office for approval.
  5. Submit approved form and permit at the Admissions Office and register online.
  6. Wait for further instructions from the admissions personnel regarding enrollment period and process.

Online Registration

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