Faculty Awardees

There are three main faculty awards: E-Faculty Awards, given to the faculty who exemplified empathy, excellence, and e-learning during the shift to online classes during the pandemic, the Ten Most Outstanding Faculty of the Year (TOFY) given to faculty who garnered an overall grade evaluation of 4.5 and above, and the Canvas Champions given to faculty who exhibited superior use of Canvas, FEU’s primary Learning Management System.

E-Faculty Awardees (S.Y. 2019-2020)

Awardees of the e-faculty awards have also garnered more than one nomination from students, with the reasons stated reflecting the empathy, excellence and e-learning demonstrated by the teachers during the quarantine. 

Ten Most Outstanding Faculty of the Year (TOFY)

The recipients of this award have an overall evaluation grade of 4.5 and above, with no grade lower than 4.3 in any of the courses handled, based on the faculty evaluation from the First Semester of the previous year.



Canvas Champions

Now, more than ever, we recognize the pivotal role of the online platform in our classrooms. FEU has always geared itself for future-ready learning and since 2017, the school has used CANVAS as a learning management system in empowering teachers and in engaging students. CANVAS streamlines all digital tools and content, allowing a simpler, more efficient, and more connected teaching-learning experience for teachers and students. It serves as a platform for the development of Digital Literacy, Effective Communication and Critical Thinking skills, and in creating lifelong learners among students. CANVAS Champions are Faculty Members and Institutes who make effective use of CANVAS individually and as a unit.

Individual CANVAS winners should be regular faculty members (RFT) or lecturer full time (LFT). 

To be a Canvas champion, faculty members’ canvas activities should meet the following criteria: 

  • Most student interaction;
  • Most files uploaded;
  • All features should have been maximized: quizzes, assignments, discussions, collaborations, and conferences;
  • Use of mastery path/adaptive learning;
  • Use of Canvas to communicate with students regarding academic matters.

In addition to all the aforementioned criteria, Attendance for the 1st and 2nd semester is considered, as well as the student evaluation of faculty, with at least an average of 4.3 per subject and bear no negative feedback regarding the use of CANVAS.

Canvas Champions for S.Y. 2017-2018



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