Computation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grades obtained in all subjects, including PE, will be considered in the computation of the Grade Point Average (GPA). Likewise, in the case of transferees, grades incurred in credited subjects from other schools will be included in the GPA. In the case of shifters, all grades obtained from enrollment in other program/s are included in the GPA.

The semestral GPA refers to the weighted average of grades in all subjects taken in a semester/term, whereas the cumulative GPA refers to the weighted average of grades in all subjects taken from the first semester/term in which the student was enrolled up to the semester/term which has just ended, for as long as such grades have been obtained in the University, regardless of the program under which they were obtained. For transferees, the cumulative GPA includes grades obtained from other schools prior to enrollment in the University.

The GPA may be obtained through the following procedure:

  1. Multiply the credit units for each subject by the corresponding grade point.
  2. Add all the generated points in #1 to get the total points.
  3. Divide the total points by the total number of credit units.

In the computation of the GPA of students who are candidates for graduation with honors, all subjects taken shall be included.

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