Scholarship Grants

Academic Scholarship


Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarship grant is awarded to regular students who meet the required general weighted average (GWA)/ grade point average (GPA) and has no major offense in the preceding semester. Summer is not included in the coverage of the benefits. Thus, the basis of the grant will always be the student performance on the preceding regular semester.


  • Full tuition discount for the top 10%, partial tuition discount for the next 50%, and 30% tuition discount for the remaining 40% in the ranking of qualified students.
  • Can be enjoyed on the identified semester only.

What do you need to prepare?


  1. Must enroll the required number of units based on the program curriculum
  2. Must have a GPA of 3.20
  3. No grade lower than 2.50
  4. Has no major offense in the preceding semester

A student will be considered as an Academic Scholar if the cut-off grade is met based on ranking since it has only limited slots.





Scholarship Grants

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Scholarship grants aim to provide education to academically excellent students, financially-challenged but qualified students, and students who render service and represent the University in their respective fields of endeavor: athletics and cultural.

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