ITHM officials with industry partners and alumni guests. Photo from FEU Media Center.

The Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) recently conducted its Stakeholders Advisory Board Consultation at the FEU Admission Building.

Dean of ITHM Harold Bueno expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support of the industry partners and alumni. Associate Department Chair for Internship, Carolina Roces, and Café and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Coordinator, Dr. John Malonzo introduced the Industry Advisory Board and Alumni Advisory Board. After the introduction, the stakeholders proceeded to break-out rooms for the presentation of the curriculum program.

Chef Jan Racky Masa, Department Chair for HRM, and Dr. Chrisdie F. Tongol, Department Chair for Tourism, presented the new specializations under BS Hospitality Management and BS Tourism Management. They also discussed the professional elective-courses under each specialization. Student Engagements such as certifications, competitions, events, training, and local and international tours were also highlighted.  

Photo from FEU Media Center

During the curriculum program review, the industry advisory board and alumni advisory board shared their insights about the professional electives and their recommendation to embed some of the training and certifications to further strengthen the program. They also emphasized which soft skills of students must be honed for them to be industry-ready after their graduation.

This annual event shows the commitment of FEU-ITHM to continuously update and align its curriculum with the current trends and requirements of the industry in cooperation with stakeholders.