The Institute of Tourism and Hospital Management (ITHM) of Far Eastern University (FEU) is reinforcing its on-the-job training program after the COVID-19 pandemic required students to go on internship online.

According to Carolina L. Roces, associate department chair of ITHM, FEU is continuously honing its students with enough local and international experiences for their future career opportunities. Moreover, part of ITHM’s current undertaking is the internationalization program that equips students with global skills and knowledge—qualities that the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Professional (ITHP) is looking for. 

This ongoing effort of the institute includes local and international internship programs in the industry’s top hotels, shipboards, aviation schools, and foreign educational institutions.

“One of our offerings is the Canada program—a one-year twinning program with Bay River College wherein our students will study for hospitality management diploma course in Canada while finishing their degrees in FEU,” Roces said.

Despite the recent setbacks brought by the pandemic, ITHM maintains its vow of providing quality education for its students.

“We are reactivating our past local and international partnerships to continue our legacy of preparing globally competitive and certification-ready tourism and hotel management students,” Roces added.

Meanwhile, ITHM faculty and alumni passed the September 2023 (ITHP) certifications with highest distinction.Last Sept. 9,  several ITHM faculty members and alumni passed the certifications with highest distinctions.

The following have earned Certified Tourism Professional (CTP) status,, after they passed the rigorous examination: Dr. Joy Sheelah Era (faculty), Dr. Chrisdie Flores (faculty), Rosalyn Jagolino (faculty), Pocholo Martillo (Coordinator, International Relations Office), Kathleen Liz Morante (Coordinator, FEU Academy), Ramon Tiongco (alumnus), and John Carillo (alumnus).

The following have reached Certified Hospitality Professional (CHP) level: Dr. Harold Bueno (Dean, ITHM), Dr. Melinda Torres (Executive Director, FEU Academy), Dr. Driselle Pajuyo (Director, International Relations Office), and Wincel Ong (faculty).

A global organization of tourism and hospitality professionals, ITHP is dedicated to promoting the profession by strengthening the leadership skills of its members. The organization offers two certifications, CHP and CTP, which recognize expertise and knowledge in tourism and hospitality. These two certifications offer wider career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industries.

The CHP is a globally recognized credential that ensures hospitality professionals have the skills necessary in solving the toughest industry and business situations today; while CTP is globally recognized as the most relevant qualification for tourism professionals that highlights tourism professionals’ skills and abilities to understand tourism business management, operation, and functions. It also tests tourism professionals’ strategic development skills for a highly competitive global market by understanding tourism economics, performances, and risks.