Last April 26, 2023, the Industry Experts Forum – Stakeholders Advisory Board Consultation Meeting, also known as the IndEx SABC Forum, was held at Mancom Room, FEU Admissions Building. It is an annual event of the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) in collaboration with the Academic Affairs Office, where invited Industry Experts assess the curricula and provide advice on what the industry expects of the students once they graduate. This year’s event theme is “Moving Forward in Tourism and Hospitality Education through Sustainability and Innovation.”

The Department Chairs presented the program curriculum, the institute’s strategic plans, and the events and tours participated by ITHM students locally and abroad. Following that, the Industry Experts stressed their expertise and insights. They emphasized the importance of interpersonal skills, not just traditional and non-negotiable skills. Students must also be adaptable and flexible because the epidemic significantly altered the job descriptions for most jobs.

Additionally, they recommended that the curriculum include courses on sales and marketing, waste management, supply chain management, risk management, and laws and existing policies. These subjects will enable students to be well-rounded. Lastly, they emphasized that the institute must constantly aspire to provide quality education to students as they are the future of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

FEU-ITHM is committed to continuously strengthening and improving its industry- and market-driven program offerings and is responsive to the needs of the time.

Industry Experts:

Hospitality Sector

Ms. Alida Ferranco – Assistant Human Resources Manager, Robinsons Hotels and Resorts

Mr. R.L. Fernando Garcia – Senior Training Manager, SM Hotels and Conventions Corp.

Ms. Michelle Perez – Sales Manager, 2GO Group, Inc.

Mr. Jan Jeffrey Tiongson – Director of Business Development, Seda Hotels

Tourism Sector

Mr. Jeffrey Espiritu – Executive Director, Omni Aviation

Mr. Ronald Flores – Chief Tourism Operations, Department of Tourism, Culture and Arts of Manila

Ms. Jennifer Gapuz – Assistant General Manager – Tourism Knowledge Center, Rajah Travel Corporation

Ms. Catherina Papio – Chief Soilmate, GreenSpace Pilipinas

FEU ITHM Academic Managers:

Dr. Joy Sheelah Baraero Era – Dean, ITHM

Mr. Johncent Del Rosario – Associate Dean, ITHM

Dr. Chrisdie F. Tongol – Department Chair, Tourism ITHM

Mr. Jan Racky Masa – Department Chair, HRM ITHM

Ms. Carolina Roces – Associate Department Chair, Tourism ITHM

Ms. Sunshine Sarmiento – Associate Department Chair, Tourism ITHM

Student Internship Program Coordinators:

Dr. Pamela Jonson – SIP Coordinator, HRM

Ms. Jenitha Mansinares – SIP Coordinator, Tourism

ITHM Faculty/Staff:

Mr. Richard Tabuena – Faculty, HRM

Ms. Elaine Del Rosario – Clerk, Internship

ITHM Alumni:


Ms. Andrea Bonsay – HRM

Mr. John Meynard Chan – HRM


Ms. Gemariah Love Buenaventura – Tourism

Ms. Annabelle Veluz – Tourism

ITHM Students:

Ms. Desiree Hoa Gastador – ITHM Student Council

Mr. Piolo Perilla – ITHM Student Council

Ms. Fiona Mae Arceo – ITHM – PATA-FEU

Ms. Mitzie Gaile Jayme – ITHM – PATA-FEU

Ms. Yuka Gail Aoki

Ms. Kate Elloise Estacio

Ms. Ronzle Kaye Gonzales

Ms. Danica Noreen Sacbibit