It was the first time that FEU’s annual Christmas concert took place in the Grandstand. As a result, more than 4000 from the FEU community experienced Pasko sa Piyu (PSP) live and countless others watched online.

This year’s concert was called “Christmas in Our Tamaraw Hearts” and featured the music of Jose Mari Chan (JMC) as performed by the FEU Bamboo Band, Chorale, Dance Company, Drum and Bugle Corps and Theater Guild and the King of Filipino carols himself.

The Drummers started the program with their enticing beats that drew in the throngs while the Guides kept them in check. The audience shrieked in surprise and delight when they saw the personalized videos sent by JMC and his collaborations with FEU’s Cultural Groups. The LED screen allowed the audience to better appreciate not just JMC’s message and performances but also the expressions and movements of the student artists.

The lighted wreath that the dancers were supposed to take to the tree mysteriously disappeared right before the number but did not detract from the audience’s excitement. Everyone joined in the countdown to light the new but sustainable tree made of recycled materials.

That was not yet the finale as fireworks lit the sky afterwards, another PSP first!

In hindsight, it was a truly enjoyable evening with members of the FEU community and some outside guests lingering by the tree, the Plaza, and other parts of the beautifully lit campus, enjoying the sights and lights. What a great way to usher in a Perfect Christmas in FEU!