The FEU Department of Business Administration of the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance launches its website as part of the TamBiz 2020 celebration.
TamBiz, short for Tamaraw Business, is conceptualized to be focal culminating event of students in the course Business Planning under the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program of the Far Eastern University, Manila.

TamBiz is the destination of innovators, entrepreneurs, and pioneers of business. More than a course requirement for Business Planning, this is where students come together to form a community that focuses on innovation and business.

Carrying the theme “Inspiring Innovators, Empowering Entrepreneurs”, TamBiz has challenged business students to come up with creative solutions addressing different relevant societal issues each year. Issues such as climate change, environmental degradation, sustainable cities, resilient industries, and poverty have been the focal points of these challenges. TamBiz participants have an opportunity to win awards and prizes, and gain support to further develop their concepts and plans into a sustainable business.

TamBiz celebrates innovators and entrepreneurs who are the makers and doers of ingenious solutions. It supports the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and heeds the call to protect the planet through sustainable enterprises.