The Far Eastern University Dance Company (FDC) took center stage in the FEU Auditorium for their annual dance concert.

 “TAMnan: Yugto ng Pag-aani” showcased an array of raw and expressive performances that intricately depicted the various stages of a plant’s growth cycle, drawing parallels to the stages of human life.

The concert wove a narrative that deeply resonated with human experience. It took the audience through the core stages of planting, mirroring the significance of the various phases and chapters of life—from the seed’s contact with the soil, to the budding of a fully grown plant.

The program consisted of eight pieces: Dalangin, Karatong ken Sala Ti Mais, Binhi, Pagbukod, Indak ng Pagsibol, Kumawala, Ang Sayaw ng Buhay: Paglalakbay Tungo sa Pagtanda, and Hardin. To create a story through movement, the choreographers incorporated symbolic contemporary dance elements in their pieces.

Choreographer El Bautista (ITHM, 2025) wanted to immerse the audience in the magic of storytelling through dance. 

My goal was to craft movements that convey emotions, narratives, and themes, captivating the viewers and leaving a lasting impact. Ultimately, I wanted to ignite the imagination, inspire curiosity, and evoke a sense of wonder through the power of dance storytelling,” said Bautista.

The repertoire was carefully crafted by other FDC’s choreographers: Deborah Lynn Afuang (interim artistic director), Albert Furing (IARFA, 2020), Danyel Reyes (IARFA, 2023), Ronieth Dayao (IE, 2025), Xyron Godfrey Apostol (IAS, 2027), Stephanie Palconit (IARFA, 2027), Johann Jabrica (IAS, 2027), Tonnie Padayao (IAS, 2026), and Sean Marc Pescador (IABF, 2025), accompanied by original music composed by Neil Belen, Harold Andre Cruz Santos, and Joshua Gramaje.