The GE Experience is a collaboration between the General Education Department (GED) and the Admission and Financial Assistance (AFA) Office. The program aims to provide Grade 12 Senior Highschool students a glimpse of the FEU student-centered learning and GE classroom experience through simulation of selected GE classes. 

The first weekly GE Experience was conducted Saturdays of April 15 to May 06, 2023. Faculty members from FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences and Institute of Education facilitated the 1-hour class simulation for Grade 12 students. Some of the GE courses facilitated for the simulation were Readings in Philippine History (Mr. Paul Tecson), Life and Works of Rizal (Mr. Marko Da Silva), Art Appreciation (Hardie Cruz), Mathematics in the Modern World (Mr. Gilbert Baybayon), Speech Communication (Mr. Perseius Balog), Purposive Communication (Mr. Ven-Mar Cudog), College Academic Skills in English (Mr. Perci Paras) and Scholarly Inquiry (Ms. Iris Digo).

The GE Experience classes were engaging and highly collaborative between student to student and student to facilitator. Participants expressed positive feedbacks specifically from students who shared that they experienced a different teaching approach as the facilitators employed student-centred teaching in the classes. After each GE Experience class, Grade 12 students were provided campus tour by the FEU Guides.