From the Academic Affairs Office

What is an IPQ Grade?

The IPQ or In Progress due to Quarantine is a temporary grade that will replace the previously announced In Progress (IP) grade. It has been created to distinguish it from the existing IP mark that is normally given only to graduate students enrolled in thesis and dissertation classes. 

What is the purpose of an IPQ Grade?

IPQ is a special grading provision that aims to assist students who were not able to satisfactorily submit their course requirements due to various COVID-19 pandemic-related circumstances. It will apply only to students enrolled this second semester of SY 2019-2020.

Do I earn credit units for having an IPQ Grade?

No. IPQ must be converted into a letter or numerical grade upon submission of the course requirements on or before the deadline.

When is the submission deadline?

There are two deadlines, depending on student classification.

Graduating students and scholarship applicants must submit their course requirements on or before August 1. (This is to ensure the on-time processing of applications for scholarship or graduation).

All other students will submit their requirements 180 days from the end of the ECQ and the start of a general community quarantine (GCQ) in Metro Manila. For example, if ECQ ends on May 31, 2020 and a GCQ is declared, the submission deadline will be November 30, 2020. Students currently based in other parts of the country should monitor the type of quarantine in Metro Manila to determine whether the deadline of submission is again extended.

How do I submit my course requirements?

  1. Submit through your designated course and section on Canvas; and/or
  2. Email requirements to:
    – Faculty for each enrolled course
    – Copy furnish
    a. The Program Head (Access the directory from

What will happen if I fail to submit the course requirements before the deadline?

The IPQ Grade will be converted to F.

After submitting my course requirements, can my faculty ask me to resubmit if they assess my output as unsatisfactory?

Yes. The extra 180 days is an extension to the learning period. For students who turn in unsatisfactory output, it is a chance for them to learn more and improve their work.

What is the process if I am not satisfied with the Letter Grade I received?

Verify the class record with the faculty. If there is an error in computation and the faculty accepts it, the faculty will initiate the Grade Petition through the system and change of grade will be reflected in your student record.

If you are not convinced about the explanation or bases for grading and you have supporting evidence for your petition to change a grade, email the Program Head or Use the subject Grade Petition.

What grade will be reflected on my ROR and TOR if I decide to transfer?

IPQ will be reflected in the Report of Ratings (ROR) or Transcript of Records (TOR) if the date of transfer is within the 180-day extension. If the transfer is made after the 180-day extension, F or Failed will be recorded.

Can I still complete my course requirements even if I am NOT enrolled in the succeeding Summer 2020/First Semester classes?

Yes, provided the submission is within the 180-day extension.

If the IPQ grade I received this second semester is a prerequisite course for a second or advanced course, will I be allowed to enroll the second or advanced course in the succeeding Summer (June) or in the First Semester (August)?

Yes, except for students of the Institute of Nursing. Guidelines for this enrollment process will be announced soon.