By Justine Montaray

Prof. Leylanie Herico-Samson is a Ten Outstanding Faculty of the Year awardee. 

Teaching is indeed a noble profession. For FEU’s Leylani H. Samson, member of the Department of Physical Education, teaching is not only a job, but a passion. Aside from being one of the school’s outstanding faculty members as a PE teacher and moderator for the FEU Drummers, Prof. Samson is also a loving wife and a caring mother of three children.

Prof. Leylani H. Samson graduated from the Philippine Normal University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, Major in Physical Education. Before joining the Tamaraw family, she was in Sta. Catalina College, where she taught Physical Education both High School and College. She also taught PE in public schools.
When asked why she chose PE she says, “Aside from learning, I enjoy what I do. If you’ll notice, almost all PE teachers look young.

Because not only do we teach physical education, but we improve ourselves in that aspect as well.” As for her teaching strategies, she explains how it is important for a teacher, especially in PE, to know different styles and techniques to use in class.

Teaching started off as a dream for the PE teacher. But what used to be just playing in school with friends when she was young, developed into a solid goal she strived hard to reach. She smiles to herself and laughs, remembering how she used to want to become a nun.

In all her years of teaching, she says that what inspires her and keeps her motivated is the youth, her students. “I see so much of myself in them. As soon as I step into the classroom, I try to enjoy every moment. I want to impart to them all that I have learned.

I want to see to them develop, it’s not only physically, but holistically as well.” Inspired and impassioned by her love for both students and teaching, Prof. Leylani H. Samson proves to be one of FEU’s treasured faculty members for 18 years.