“We understand the importance of fostering innovative and holistic approaches to education, especially in a rapidly evolving technological landscape,” said FEU Alumni Relations Director Celmer Santos as they partner with Edventure Online Tutorials to assist former FEU students, now parents, in sharing knowledge and wisdom to their little ones.  

With how quickly the world evolves, the rise of education technology allows young learners to adapt easily. Platforms like Edventure provides an online, flexible tool to maximize a child’s potential.  

“Your alma mater is committed to your growth, even beyond graduation,” said Santos.   

Being a holder of an alumni card carries many benefits. With this, FEU remains a pillar of upholding exceptional education throughout generations. Whether children are struggling with grades, running from homework, or lacking confidence, the university aims to assist them with Edventure. 

One-on-one tutorials for kids are made available at cost efficient package. Alumni of FEU will get 5 percent off when the voucher code FEU2023 is used. This is a chance to let their children be taught by experienced and licensed tutors.

Maintaining a pleasant relationship with Tamaraws does not end on commencement day as the institution dedicates a lifelong commitment and pledge to be beside them wherever and whenever they may be in all stages of life. 

Indeed, the project is envisioned to support quality education and partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.