Micah during the student leaders’ oath-taking
Photo by: Micah Stefany Rivera

“The scholarship motivates me to excel in my academics every semester. It also helps with my family’s financial situation, and it brings me closer to achieving my dreams,” said Micah Stefany Rivera, a third year Medical Biology student, about her experience as an academic scholar in Far Eastern University.

The institution awards select regular students who meet the required Quality Point Average and has no major offense in the preceding semester. Being a school that recognizes its vital role in responding to the society’s challenge of fully making education inclusive, FEU offers a wide range of scholarships available to suitable candidates.

“Our scholarship is not just an avenue for us to pursue our studies without financial worries, but it is also a reminder that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ The scholarship opportunity given to us is a culmination of efforts from stakeholders, communities, and families who have given their labor just to give us a proper education. Therefore, the scholarship awarded to us also comes with the responsibility to give back to our community,” said Rivera.

Living in a developing country, Rivera said she recognizes that many young people face financial struggles in trying to achieve a worry-free learning journey. Having accessible education as a societal dilemma, FEU warmly contributes to help solve and gradually bridge the gaps hindering students from embracing their potentials in an academic setting by sharing the responsibility in providing quality education and being a source of monetary assistance through full or partial tuition discounts.

Limited financial capacity should never be anyone’s setback, especially in the desire to be schooled and skilled. After all, education is not only for the privileged, but for everyone regardless which social class an individual belongs to.

FEU commits to breaking barriers for their students to pursue their studies. They shall exhibit the same attitude by the time they are capable to do so while being victorious in their respective careers through sharing their fruits to the next generation.