Students who face the following circumstances may submit their final requirements to their faculty/course facilitators on a mutually agreed schedule and subject to the provisions approved by the Academic Executive Council during its meeting last December 11, 2020. 

  1. Considered circumstances include:
    1. Severely affected by typhoons Ulysses and/or Rolly and were forced to stay in evacuation centers;
    2. Contracted the COVID-19 virus between November 22 and December 18
    3. Received TAL flash drives during or after the Midterm Exam week 

  2. Procedure:
  1. Affected students must secure permission from their Deans. Access the email list  on
  2. They must directly request each of their faculty members/facilitators through email or Canvas. The faculty must acknowledge the request and subsequently assess the request based on provision #1 and considering the student’s overall  class performance. Student needs to submit any of the following relevant supporting documents during the grade petition:
    1. Letter from the local government confirming/certifying the student’s circumstance/s (1.a); 
    2. RT-PCR test result verified by FEU Health Services for circumstance 1.b. Email for assistance; 
    3. Email conversation with FEU’s Student Appeals regarding delay of the USB dispatch for circumstance 1.c. 
  3. Grade Management:
  1. The student will temporarily receive an F grade, which may be converted into a passing grade upon the satisfactory completion of requirements within the new schedule agreed by both the faculty and student. The new schedule for submission of requirements should be not later than April 15, 2021.
  2. Faculty must petition the grade not later than May 15, 2021. Grade petition requirements are (a) affidavit, (b) class record, and (c) any of the relevant supporting documents enumerated in provision #2. Should the student fail to comply within the agreed deadline, the F grade will remain. 

For inquiries or clarifications, email