“Connecting the academe to the industry, making sure that our students, when they graduate, they already know specifically what the expectations are of the industry so that they are equipped, ready, and employable,” said Dr. Melinda Torres, the Executive Director of FEU Academy, on the importance of FEU Academy’s collaboration with Sostanza, Inc.

Last Nov. 21, FEU Academy had a collaborative meeting with Sostanza discussing possible training programs, internship offerings, and employment opportunities.

Sostanza is a company that manages a chain of restaurants owned by Margarita Forés. They are the first external company partner of FEU Academy. The partnership aims to meet the needs of both stakeholders by bridging gaps through exchange of resources and corporate solutions.

The participants discussed possible leadership and human resource training programs given by FEU Academy, internship offerings by Sostanza to Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM), Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS), and Institute of Accounts, Business, and Finance (IABF) students, and employment opportunities for FEU graduates under the Career and Placement Office (CAPO).

Attendees during the meeting were FEU Academy Executive Director, Dr. Melinda Torres; ITHM Internship Associate Department Chair, Carolina Roces; Sostanza Human Resource Officer, Lee Leonsame; Sostanza F&B Director, Kate dela Cruz-Cuan; FEU Academy Training Consultant, Stephanie Joyce Relucio; and FEU Academy Project Lead, Joseph Genandoy.

“FEU Academy is here to provide continual education programs, professional development programs for those who are licensed professionals. We want to help our alumni, our industry partners, employees in the community, and the country for the professionals to be equipped, retooled, and reskilled so that they are employable, promotable, efficient, and effective in the workplace,” said Dr. Torres.

FEU Academy looks forward to the Memorandum of Agreement signing with Sostanza. This partnership will be beneficial for the advancement of authentic learning, exposure to real-life industry, and future opportunities. (Stephanie Joy M. Lip)