FEUNAF Northern California President Igor Mocorro formally hands over the donation to FEU IN Dean Belinda Buenafe.

Far Eastern University – Institute of Nursing (FEU-IN) and FEU Nursing Alumni Foundation Northern California Chapter (FEUNAF NC) recently signed a memorandum of agreement to implement the Student Assistance in Research Scholarship Project.

The signing was held at the FEU IN office last October 2, 2019 and was attended by FEUNAF Northern California President Igor Mocorro, MPH, RN, PHN and FEU IN Dean Belinda Buenafe.

The pilot scholarship project is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It aims to aid FEU nursing students in their research or thesis projects through financial means, faculty and alumni support, training or tele-education in advocacy and relevant nursing topics, and evidence-based nursing. This innovative venture was conceptualized last July 2019 by the FEUNAF NC with the goal of increasing the interest of nursing students to engage in quality nursing research that will be beneficial to their profession, the community they serve, and the Institute of Nursing.

Planning and implementation started in September 2019 and project evaluation is expected to be completed in June 2020. A call for application among groups of nursing students of FEU-IN is on-going.

Two groups of recipients will be chosen among the applicants. Group Scholars will receive 25,000 pesos each, a total of 50,000 pesos (US$ 1000) to successfully implement their nursing research or innovative project. They will also participate in tele-education on advocacy and will receive support both from the faculty and the alumni.

“This is a big help to our students and will motivate them. It will also teach them to learn how to apply for scholarship or grants, manage financial grants, and will help them to be accountable by coming up with quality outputs and outcomes. We are excited to do this. We hope that we can continue this project,“ says Dr. Buenafe and Professor Joy Filoteo.
At the end of the project, the scholars are expected to share their output with FEU-IN faculty and various communities. Scholars will to submit their output for journal publication and presentation in various conferences and fora.

FEU IN has a strong alumni presence around the world with FEUNAF USA, FEUNAF UK, and FEUNAF Philippines as registered alumni foundations/organizations in the US, the UK, and the Philippines respectively.

“The project is the beginning of another good relationship between the FEU Institute of Nursing and its US-based alumni and would not be possible without the support of FEUNAF NC members, donors, and supporters,” said Mocorro, who finished his BS in Nursing degree in 2007.