In a recent virtual meeting, Far Eastern University (FEU) administration, faculty, and students convened to discuss forthcoming changes to the university’s policies concerning Academic Integrity and the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the midyear term of the school year 2023-2024.

Under the new directives, students are expected to adhere to heightened protocols regarding the use of AI tools, in line with the updated FEU Academic Integrity policies.

Key responsibilities outlined for students include ensuring that outputs generated by AI platforms maintain accuracy and truthfulness and emphasizing the importance of verifying information produced by such tools to uphold academic standards. Moreover, students are required to declare the applications of AI utilized in their academic work, along with a comprehensive explanation of how these tools were integrated.

The FEU administration has also clarified that while AI can assist in various tasks, it should not serve as a replacement for students’ own performance, or the skills evaluated by instructors.

FEU’s stance on General Artificial Intelligence (GENAI) underscores its commitment to lifelong learning, innovation, and integrity. The university emphasizes the ethical and responsible use of AI tools, particularly in academic settings, to ensure the preservation of academic standards and promote continued learning. Specific guidelines for the use of GENAI have been delineated in the academic integrity policies, available on pages 2-3, and guidelines on the use of generative artificial intelligence can be found on pages 4-5. These guidelines include verification of all GENAI applications used as inputs, declaration of all AI tools utilized in student outputs, and replication of specific skills to differentiate between student performance and AI-generated content.

Non-compliance with these guidelines may result in students being flagged for academic dishonesty. First-time offenders will be required to attend an academic integrity workshop conducted by the Center for Learning Enhancement And Research Services and undertake community service as per the Office of Student Discipline’s (OSD) policies. Repeat offenders will face additional sanctions in accordance with OSD guidelines.

FEU encourages students to familiarize themselves with the updated academic integrity policies and adhere to the prescribed guidelines for the ethical use of AI tools.

The university remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding academic standards and fostering integrity in all academic pursuits. On April 19, FEU will hold its annual Academic Integrity Day where students and faculty can have a discourse about integrity across industries and innovations.