Faculty Training

Most recently, the Center of Teaching and Learning conducted the following workshops:

1. Curriculum Mapping
The office spearheaded a university-wide curriculum mapping exercise which enabled all programs to evaluate and update their program expected learning outcomes (PELO) and course expected learning outcomes (CELO). In these sessions, faculty were briefed on Far Eastern University’s learning outcomes (FEULO) and oriented on revising and writing program expected learning outcomes (PELO) and course expected learning outcomes (CELO).  

2. Assessment Workshop
The curriculum mapping sessions were followed up with a workshop on assessments, which emphasized alignment of objectives and amount of instruction time with assessment design and coverage. It also focused on the use of the table of specifications as a guide for teachers in designing assessments. 

3. Faculty Training for Online Instruction and Assessment
With the spread of CoVid-19 and the nation’s shift to virtual learning, CTL facilitated faculty trainings on setting up the online classroom and on the three modes of instruction offered to students for SY 2020: Total Analog (TAL), Asynchronous Online (AOL), and Mixed Online (MOL), a blend of synchronous and asynchronous. A separate workshop on designing online assessments was also included. This marked the first time that CTL conducted faculty-wide seminars via webinar.

4. Gender Sensitivity Workshop
CTL conducted a seminar for select teachers and staff on the implications of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression (SOGIE) bill. Discussions ranged from the jargon of LGBTQ to how to implement political correctness in an educational set-up.

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