FEU Institute of Arts and Sciences – Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) showcased the first of three seminar-workshops for IDS@Work with a workshop on Cultural Mapping.

The Cultural Mapping held recently had Reneille Joy Tayone sharing her research, Navotas: The Mapping of Selling Fish Port Market Halls Using Socio-Economic Theory. This focuses on the study of mapping in the biggest fish port in the Philippines and covers the diverse kinds of mapping in terms of the study’s location, the process of importing and selling in the Market Halls, and the economic contribution of the Navotas Fish Port Complex (NFPC).

The event was divided into a 30-minute short lecture and 1 hour workshop moderated by Eldrin Jan Cabilin. Through this workshop, the students understood the concept of cultural mapping and how this can be applied on their chosen research topic. 

The next IDS@Work workshops are: Global Development and Sustainability Track titled, Participatory Research in Development Studies. The workshop will (re)visit the basics of research writing and weave them into the general contexts of development studies as well as the worldviews, practices, and strategies of the researchers when they investigate a certain social phenomenon. The third session will be for Urban Spaces and Transition Track focusing on Safe Urban Space workshop. This will let the students understand and explore the inclusive, safe, and resilient Public Spaces concepts in a certain community or institution.