FEU Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management hosted the “Wine Service and Wine Tasting Training Masterclass 2023” in late March. A total of 114 participants consisting of students and faculty participated in the event that focused on advanced skills in Wine Service and Wine Sensory.

Mr. Eanglebert D. Guina, President of Wine Head Sommelier Philippines, was the featured speaker. He won the title of world’s best sommelier in 2018 in Belgium. During the training, the multi-awarded sommelier was assisted by Jaramie D. Tomeldan, Kim Arahmae Sayenga, and John Raymond Santos. The event was also attended by faculty members Dr. Mark Alvero, Ulysses Catchillar, Michael Victoria, and Veronica Francisco.

Cinzano Asti Cuvee Storica, a sweet and low-alcohol pearl that is the expression of a territory, was served to the guests. The elegant and rich bouquet of this wine, which is made from 100% white Moscato grapes, evokes shared experiences like relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with loved ones. 1818 Classic is a vintage alcoholic beverage from Chile/Central valley with a grapey fruit flavor: sauvignon blanc titillates the sensory taste of the participants with floral, fruity, and herbaceous, with notes of sage, white peach, acacia, and delicate honey.

Finally, the 2022 San Valley vintage comes from the Maule Valley in Chile and features the merlot grape cap off the wine gustatory journey. They were also taught the role of the sommelier, the qualifications necessary to become one, the tools and equipment used in the wine industry, the correct way to open a bottle of wine, how to serve it to guests, and how to toss the cork.