Around 30 companies will take part in FEU’s first university-wide virtual career fair called Online Recruitment Exclusive for Tams (ORE Tams) on January 27, Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The FEU Career and Placement Office (CAPO) partnered with Australian digital technology firm Prosple to make ORE Tams possible.

“Participants will know more about each of the participating companies/ exhibitors through assigned virtual booths with live presentations, Q and A sessions, webinars, speed interviews, and other fun online activities—while staying at the comfort and safety of their homes,” said FEU CAPO Director Maria Carmencita “Babes” Suva-Alfonso.

Notable employers include Citigroup Business Process Solutions Pte. Ltd., Coca-Cola, BDO Unibank Inc., and Factset Philippines Inc.

During the virtual career fair, students can join the virtual booths of different employers for different activities:

· Browse career and internship opportunities

· Submit job applications to participating employers

· Participate in Q&A sessions and employer presentations

· Join live video interaction between employers and students

For more information, please visit the FEU Career and Placement Office Facebook page or email