Unstoppable – that’s the word that best describes the FEU Dance Company (FDC). After the pandemic hit, schools and dance studios closed like most establishments but that did not stop the said company from creating art and immersing people in it. Company members juggled their responsibilities as family members, students, dancers, and human beings, all while being confined within their homes.

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 4:30 P.M, the FDC will premiere LockDance, a virtual dance concert that took two years to make. It will be streamed through the FEU Center for the Arts’ YouTube Channel.

LockDance features creative choreographers namely: FDC Artistic Director Eduardo Malagkit, Kevin Francisco, Carlo Padoga, Danyel Reyes, Micah Soriano, Brielle Zulueta, Angelikha Bay, Kiera Elizares, Ahren Bitong, Jahmil Dayao, Elvin Salazar, Cirus Bonifacio, Mya Samonte, and Claire Planas, and their dances that tell stories of reminiscing, contemplating, struggling, and yearning for hope despite the setbacks of the pandemic.

This free concert can be viewed from the comfort and safety of one’s home as the FDC’s way of sharing the message of hope and resiliency with its audience. From lockdown to LockDance, everything will be alright in due time.